In this area, our technique is what sets us apart. We almost never make demand on
your debtors. We employ a variation of the ”audit approach”. Our contact software insures
that every account, no matter how small or large, gets the exact strategy that it deserves.
At the completion of every call a decision is made about what the next best approach
should be and that plan is the one we execute.

Professional and courteous, our collectors use every device in the industry to get your
customer to do the right thing. We treat your customers as if they were our own and
operate under the premise that happy and respected debtor accounts write the most checks.
Our actual numbers prove the model.

Most of our staff has been with us for years. Our goal is for your customers to feel
as if they have been doing business with a member of your own customer service team.

Letter Series:
We offer this as a way to get your smallest or youngest accounts some extra attention
and help provide a little push to their bill paying system. This is a way of getting this portion
of your AR some third party attention at a low fixed cost.

Typically, a series of four letters in gradually increasing levels of insistence culminating
in a final demand will have the desired effect.

Skip Trace:
We work skipped accounts as we would any other and at no extra charge. We access
many national databases and it is very rare that we cannot locate even the most elusive debtor account.

International Accounts:
Over the years, we have managed to get pretty familiar with what it takes to collect offshore accounts. In a month's time we typically contact debtor accounts in over 50 countries.

Legal Forwarding:
In those rare instances where our internal efforts do not succeed, it becomes necessary for
us to start the litigation process by referring the account to an experienced collection attorney.

These attorneys agree to work these accounts by phone and mail until such time as they
conclude that actual litigation will be necessary to resolve the account. At this point there
is no extra charge for this service.

Credit Reporting:
Since many of your customers are sole proprietorships, or for one reason or another are
personally liable, we have made arrangements with both Equifax and TransUnion to be
data providers. Sometimes just the threat of negative information in a credit file will encourage your past due customer to do the right thing.

Credit Cards:
We are able to accept credit cards from the following issuers: