We got a huge kick being just blocks from the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall,
Old Christ Church, Rocky, and all of the cheesesteaks, Tastykakes, and soft pretzels you
could eat. Those of you who already know us are aware of our love for America’s birthplace.
We grew out of that location and now are headquartered near Valley Forge Pennsylvania
in a little Mayberry like town called Wayne.

We all enjoy each other, we like what we do and we go way out of our way to have
a good time. We know that life is short and it is definitely the “journey” not the “destination.”

Our approach to your business is an outgrowth of that philosophy. We like to think of
ourselves as the good guys. It’s much more fun role to play and at the end of the day
it is much more effective. So that smirk on our faces is because we know we are good
and we get a kick out of proving it to you.

Sure we have all of the technical toys, and the docs and the credentials, and everything
else, but the real reason we are good is our mood.

Our approach may be lighthearted but our results are serious. Check us out.

Joe Mc Kenzie Sr.
Founder & President